For those interested in this sort of thing, here is our most recent recording of "28721" (the average number of days in a human life; this number may have gone down over the last year but you get the idea). Some will note that often my songs don't have what are considered traditional choruses, at least as regards lyrics, where a lyrical/musical "hook" is repeated, usually after the verses and/or bridges (if any). Expertise in this aspect of the craft is one I admittedly am bereft of. In this instance there are rather chorus-like sections occurring where one would expect them, sans the lyrical repetition. Anyway, this is good enough to share and thanks to anyone generous enough to spend the time to listen and to all those (Dave Kelly, Harry Maben, Ray Jozwiak, Bill Phelan & Bill Pratt) who helped arrive at this mix: http://ztrack.net/28721.mp3


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