"Art is rearranging and grouping mistakes."--Van Vliet
And it is definitely in this spirit that we are intending an all-instrumental OHO album ("Where Words Do Not Reach") spanning the 42 years and various incarnations of the band from 1974-2015. Beginning with "Board Organ" (that's right, the Panther organ in this sonic escapade was actually played with a 2" x 4" wooden board by Mark O'Connor; the unexpurgated version being released only once, July 7, 1995 in Germany, on 800 Little Wing of Refugees' sets of 4 10" vinyl records housed in metal film tins, accompanied by a 30 page booklet and OHO sticker, in Japanese), it looks like 80 minutes of instrumentals that likely include a number of rearranged and regrouped "mistakes." This is an exciting prospect, and one that will be given the requisite attention to make the collection sound as "sweet" as can be. Oh...& it will be given away for FREE.

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