Battle of the Garages

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'From the archive of OHO drummer, David Reeve.'
'Photo by Jon Considine'
'From the CD booklet. 2nd from top right: the Jigsaw Scene's Dennis Davison.'
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TBT: 1993 CD version of Volume 1 of "Battle of the Garages," originally released as a 12" vinyl LP in 1980 on Greg Shaw's VOXX Records; it features Paul Rieger's (United States of Existence) basement recording of Dark Side's "In the Dark." Replete with electric sitar and backwards guitar riffs, here's what the late Mr. Shaw wrote (in a communique, the original of which can be found in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library Archives): "Okay, you win. Try as I may, I just can't seem to find anything to criticize about 'In the Dark'. It's great and I'd like to use it. Rather than a single, I think it belongs on the Voxx compilation album. I'm enclosing a contract, pretty much the same thing you signed for Waves. (Did you see the review where the OHO cut was picked as the best on the album?!) Return it with the master tape, and we're in business. Best of luck with the various projects you're doing. I'm looking forward to the Dark Side album. I do want us to carry it. Best wishes, Greg Shaw" (08.18.80) There was even a 10 city "The Voxx Psychedelic Summer Tour '81" to promote this underground classic although David, Mark and I had left the band by then to form Food For Worms, the bass player carried on to perform the Baltimore leg of the tour at The Marble Bar (w/Slikee Boys, Wombats & The Hypstrz) on August 8-9.

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