One of our 10 German fans, Rolf Niemeier, with whom I have kept in touch with now since at least 1978 and who wrote a flattering piece about OHO for UK fanzine, "Bucketful of Brains" No. 3, boldly declaring OHO to be the "Best 70s group of all" (I mean, what if he was right? One reason we continue to fight this uphill battle, despite it being so much fun, is to proffer evidence to support such a bold claim and let the listeners decide). Anyway, he requested a copy of the Outrageous' recordings (there are 5 studio tracks that I know of). Outrageous were contemporaries of OHO and we played a number of shows together, usually a blast. I remembered a cassette recording we have of a 02/13/76 concert when OHO shared the billing with Outrageous, playing Stephens auditorium at Towson State University. While preparing Rolf's package I listened to their set and remembered that, at that time, David Reeve (OHO drummer from late 1976 on), although not the Outrageous drummer on the studio recordings (he had already left that band) played drums for this innovative band at this show. David was and still is an awesome drummer and this performance (at the age of 18) clearly evidences this. In 1976 David joined OHO and this resurrected 1977 recording (by Tony Montone, finalized by Foo Man Bill Pratt and provided here for one's listening enjoyment, courtesy of Ray with his sonic acouterments) is one of the first David made with the band, a band on its "last leg," but still viable creatively which I am finding out from dealing with what we thought of at the time to be "abortive" recordings, intended to be on a never-to-materialize 4th OHO studio album, OHO "House."

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