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I would like to send you OHO's latest album via WeTransfer for airplay.  'Where Words Do Not Reach' is an archival collection of OHO's instrumental works covering the period 1974 through the present. For the more adventuresome listener there is a lot to appreciate here starting with the intense album opening "Board Organ" where furious drumming, off kilter keyboards and fiery guitar run amok in an all-out progressive psychedelic jam. "Nocturnal Recurrence" is another solid track and very heavy on the keyboards while "Albumblatt" is an excellent all acoustic guitar number with impressive fret work from O'Sullivan and serves as a nice reprieve from the previous chaos. "Motion of Motion" is another fine acoustic guitar piece followed by the much heavier "Snow Lady/I Crawled" where the band's eclecticism shows up in the form of wild keyboard sounds and a somewhat darker theme. The band continues its genre hopping with the pop inspired "Aubrey Circle Dance" and the feel good country grooves in Non-Sex Nonsense". The album ends with two new tracks, "Slough of Despond" and "Unique", both having a more refined sound with the latter featuring mostly piano and Graboski's treated guitar chords. Where Words Do Not Reach covers a wide range of styles and sounds, enhanced by the band's eclectic arrangements and tuneful songwriting.  Please visit www.ohomusic.com




Slough of Despond

from Where Words Do Not Reach by OHO (Jay Graboski, David Reeve, Ray Jozwiak and a host of others)






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