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. . . up our performance of Blue Fix . . . 



To the one with the key can this thing be known

She’s in tune and in time and she sings with tone

Back to the truth of her core

Back where she waits evermore to shine


Night of vast silence held in suspense

Hints at the content the sense and tense

There in the beam of her moon

Inspiring just the right loon for tunes


Gravitate to the place where no one but you

Believes that it’s holy

Spin around and around until you fall down

Because you’re so dizzy

Spitting into the face of the fate you’d escape

By loving ascension

Older than death closer than breath

Before there were symbols and sounds


How to unstick from the fix you’re in?

With your ear to the sky call the voice of the wind

Gathering kernels and seeds

Forming silk furrows where they’ll be sown

Recalling in keenness of mind

A word that is older than thought and time


Discovering fire again

In a thunderbolt sent through a pen

Pure word



Blue Fix

OHO, rehearsal recording August 2015





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