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Anat (Ugaritic/Ancient Semitic Mythology)

This ancient Canaanite goddess of love and war . . . An ancient Ugaritic text describes Anat’s revenge against a man who slighted her in no uncertain terms: "Anat seized Mot, the divine son,/ With a sickle she cut him,/ with a winnow she winnows him,/ with fire she scorches him,/ with a mill she crushes him,/ she scatters his flesh in the field to be eaten by birds."


Hel (Norse mythology)

Hel, ruler of the eponymous underworld of Norse mythology. (“To go to Hel” meant to die in ancient Norse idiom—nowadays, it means more or less the same thing.) Hel’s role was to lead an army of the dead in a ship made of the fingernails of corpses.


Amaterasu (Shinto Faith)

Amaterasu or Amaterasu-ōmikami is one of the major deities in the animistic Shinto religion of Japan; her full name means “Great Divinity Illuminating Heaven.” One of the world’s few female solar deities, a principal myth featuring Amaterasu depicts her conflict with her brother, Susanoo, god of storms and the sea.


Tefnut (Ancient Egyptian Mythology)

Tefnut was the ancient Egyptian goddess of moisture, rain and dew. . . she was the mother of the gods of the sky and earth, and grandmother of Egypt’s principal gods, Horus, Isis, Osiris and Set.


Princess Liễu Hạnh (Vietnamese Folk Faith)

Princess Liễu Hạnh is a singular figure in Vietnamese myth. One of the Four Immortals, divine beings worshipped by the people of Vietnam’s Red River Delta region, Lieu Hanh was a daughter of the Jade Emperor, a central deity in Taoism and other East Asian theology. Liễu Hạnh was a figure of female emancipation who excelled at poetry and was an embodiment of female power.


Ixchel (Mayan Mythology)

Ixchel (or Ix Chel), the ancient Mayan goddess of childbirth and war. Often depicted with jaguar claws or ears, she wears a serpent as her headdress and is also associated with the moon and the traditional Mayan sweatbath. She was so sacred to Maya women that they founded an island sanctuary, still called the Isla de Mujeres, dedicated to worship of Ixchel off the coast of contemporary Cancun.


Louhi (Finnish Mythology)Image via Wikimedia Commons

Lovatar is a goddess who takes many forms and has many names, featured in the ancient Finnish epic The Kalevala. Blind daughter of the god of death, Lovatar gave birth to nine diseases (including plague, sterility and cancer).



Paleolithic Goddess Figurine

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