"House Party at Aubrey Circle"

Walked out of the Bratt studio after 4 1/2 hours w/our "House Party at Aubrey Circle" mix. Well, it's being played on "repeat" as this is being keyed. Somewhat dated but full of JOY, it's interesting that it sounds nothing like Aubrey Circle (more like Aubrey Circle meets Archie Bell & The Drells). So "following the trail of crumbs" (trusting in the process) brought this project to its partial fruition from that band's nugget of inspiration, implanted 30+ years ago. Special thanks to Vince Tuminello who guests on tambourine and especially to Bill Pratt who made manifest all the ideas we had for the tune and SOOOOOO much more. Tangentially related to this is having recently viewed a DVD about Joe Meek ("Telstar"); current musical endeavors (that stretch the imagination to match the long reach of time) are apparently being aerated in the effluvium of his influence. Next up is grabbing my Fernandes, sustainor-pickup-equipped (w/synth access) guitar and a bunch of reverb/delay pedals to fill in the verses with some space-toned bossness (we pray) and lay some radical piping into the "Bloody Finger" distortion unit (use only in a well-ventilated area), intending that one of my "boys" slips passed the entropic goalies, impregnating the muse so she lights up like a small sun in the solar system of our souls.

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