Imagination . . .

Back to The Bratt this AM to mix "P.G.F." (Paleolithic Goddess Figurine") into completion. Basic tracks recorded at Steve Carr's (OHO bassist, Mach III, 1985-2002) Hit & Run Studio in the mid 90's and recently overdubbed at David's Blue Ball Road recording facility, inspired oddly enough, by Cher's character in "The Witches of Eastwick," compelled as she was to mold clay into countless PGF's, necessarily forcing the manifestation of Mr. D (Jack Nicholson). Let the dance begin (again)! "Here is a principal mythological role of the feminine principle. She gives birth to us physically, but she is mother too of our second birth--our birth as spiritual entities. This is the basic meaning of the 'virgin birth' (Merry Christmas!), that our bodies are born naturally, but at a certain time there awakens in us our spiritual nature, which is the higher human nature...In this sphere of the mystery dimension the woman represents the awakener, the giver of birth in that sense." -Joseph Campbell
How do you use your imagination?

Paleolithic Goddess Figurine

by John P. Graboski, performed by OHO - Jay Graboski, David Reeve and Ray Jozwiak and special guest, recording technician and producer Bill Pratt

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