Just Jay at The Food Show

Just Jay @ the "Food Show" in the OC Convention Center with Barry's crew from Bourbon Street On the Beach. Lucky I had a rucksack stuffed with MD CD's as there were a number of Radio Station booths at the event. (On my walk to the convention center I stopped by Seacrets' 98.1 offices, only to find them abandoned--guessing staff to be at the show, I stuffed a bunch of CD's in the station in box.) Some of Barry's MOJO must have rubbed off as the guys at the 98.1 booth initially took 5. Then I would walk around the hall only to find them "disappeared" upon my return. This time they took 10, which disappeared equally as fast; then after another circuitous route back to the booth...this time, 20; they too were gone by the time I completed my next circuit. This went on until the show closed. I'm attributing this to David Pugh's stellar graphics, the CD's Maryland-themed tunes, AND the "Includes the hit: Ocean City Ditty" stickers (LOL) as our CD's were among the only ones being picked up. Upstairs, I just sat on one of the pillars(?) at the hall exit/entrance, and among the people who approached to declare I had "the best seat in the house," were people from Radio stations whose booths were on the 2nd floor where I was able to make my "pitch" to them. It was like "magic," they came up to me (was it the beachy shoes a couple of the chicks were checking out or was it the OHO hat I was sporting?). Then, the next day, I was talking to Tim (doing repairs on the mobile home behind ours), whose daughter books acts for The Jetty on Kent Island. I gave him a CD and our card. News at 11:00. Thank you, Mr. Reichart (by way of Priscilla and Charlie), for inviting me.

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