Longing . . .

. . . to be Latin



We spin on an axis as bold as love round a sun that’s alight with fire


It’s true our time is marked by the man in the moon


Don’t walk ahead, don’t walk behind, just be my friend and walk by my side


It’s real, this life is by in the blink of an eye.




I live and I long to be Latin as beauty rebels against time


I live and I long to be Latin


The cardinal wish for the scent of the red summer rose.




We have walked the dream palace of yesterday


Where myth is truth and the proof’s hearsay


Memories disguised by the ways that we wish they could be


The drives and input are well defined


Lies rolling off dying tongues chill the soul


Chained in gold we walk a lifelong line.




I live and I long to be Latin.  I’m waiting to see my own eyes


I live and I long to be Latin


But what will I wear to the end of the world, my demise?




Upon the chipped dish the rich and pure fare of the love feast, kissing the sky


As we hold hands in a ring, the night to morning link


Contacts with the light




Be my friend, we can walk side by side


Don’t walk ahead you know I won’t walk behind


Though we stumble through our fears and tears


To the cadence and the tune of the spheres.




I live and I long to be Latin to live the fool and die the sage


I reach and intend to be Latin


To make vision real in the face of chance and circumstance


I live and I long to be Latin to take my stand against routine


I live and I long to be Latin


Where living at risk means I can see what others don’t see.




Long To Be Latin

© Copyright - OHO Music, BMI / Oho Music

by OHO (Jay Graboski, David Reeve & Ray Jozwiak, recorded live at Johnny's Pizza & Pub February 2015






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