MD/CD Revised Liner Notes

Revised liner notes to date for the forthcoming OHO Music's The MD/ CD:

“As I walk down the street all the faces that I meet, I’ve met before. Welcome…” Howard Markman’s point of seeing is the hope-filled nucleus around which the songs of this compilation constellate. A cursory listen to its content and scan of its credits urge this listener to testify to the veracity of his lyrics.

In this cross section of artists operating in the zone of the “in between(s)” (i.e. in proximity to The Mason-Dixon Line), I stand as part of a network of musicians who have intersected variously and often across a fifty year span. Here is a pool of artists who are available to help one another. In dealing with their sonic offerings for over twenty months, I recognize many names and can pinpoint specific and ongoing instances of (mostly) joyful collaboration. If this is true for me, it follows that it is also true to some degree for everyone on our roster. As de facto overseer, the suggestion is that listeners trace the thread of sonic connection from track to track with the understanding that each artist has his/her own version of the story to tell.

These unique perspectives, along with those embodied in the select covers of tunes by songwriters of (perhaps) more renown, contribute to the program’s eclectic range; the only parameters for inclusion being, 1) topics are Maryland-related and, 2) participants sacrifice expectation of pecuniary recompense. Otherwise, the creative field (including its graphical dimension) was wide open. True that the disc is “Baltimore” heavy, but these recordings lined up in the queue; and as CD content is currently limited to 79 minutes, completion (seconds shy of this maximum) was achieved as recordings were received.

Within this 22 song selection, most should find something to enjoy: songs of life in Baltimore, in its neighborhoods, on Maryland waterways, through our history, in the sports teams we rally behind, the seafood our citizens harvest/ingest, where many vacation, our economics, politics, sociology, psychologies, what makes us laugh and even our solitude and found love.

This enterprise began in an instance of speaking-prior-to-thinking (i.e. before the critical mind could interfere with manufactured/stifling excuses). Solicitation through and around our sphere of acquaintance spread by word of mouth and via social media. The generous, collective response? A slow, steady burgeoning momentum that actualized itself as what you now (be)hold; and with little more than an energetic nudge from without. May our album provide listeners as much divinely superfluous pleasure as we experienced in singing its lyrics and sounding its notes. J.P.G. 11/28/15

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