Q - Hi. I live in the southern part of Maryland, right on the border of DC and MD.  I write for local Okinawan interest articles for the Okinawa Times in Okinawa and ever since I found and bought your tin can set album of Okinawa, I have been wondering if you had some personnel connection to the island.  Would you mind telling me your story?  Please excuse me if you were asked the question many times, but I have been unable to find anything,as a mysterious band you are.  Hope to hear from you.


A - The band were brainstorming for a title.  We wanted a title where the "OHO" vowel sound also sounded in the title.  The bassist's father was an American soldier who was stationed in Okinawa, and he had a black silk jacket with your island embroidered on it, which we hung in the studio for inspiration.  So, while not totally random, there is only this fabricated connection to the music.  Little Wing of Refugees, a German record label, apparently took its country's status as a Japanese ally more seriously; & so you have all the South Pacific war imagery in their version of the release.    

BTW OHO stands for the 1st initials of the last names of the band's 3 founding members; what does "OHO" mean in Japanese?

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