BELIEVE IT OR NOT! Jason of The Archive (8026 Main Street in Ellicott City) has offered to re-release OHO "Okinawa" on 2 12" vinyl records (a limited pressing of 1500 copies) to celebrate Record Store Day 2015. He has requested the original 1/4" 1/2 track masters and will master this in the "old school" way (this should make the purists happy). I'm going to assume this is alright with surviving OHO alumni and be advised: there are no advances or monies involved; but we will get complimentary copies.This surprise was pretty much out-of the-blue and represents the 5th time Okinawa is released (the 3rd time on vinyl). Jason also wants to review the original art/booklet and the Refugees tin set to arrive at exactly how this momentous recording will be presented to the world...again.

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