Okinawa Revisited

The Archive is set to release the original 1974 edition of OHO's "Okinawa" along with "Vitamin OHO" as a 2-LP, 12" vinyl set for (we hope) an October "Record Store Day" release. The challenge is that the producer intends an all-analog process which, while laudatory, also presents a slew of related problems that have been eliminated (kind of like the almost-total eradication of the Polio virus) by the digital revolution. Still, this is intriguing and brings to the fore, memories of the myriad challenges that were negotiated by the team in releasing vinyl in the 70s, 80s and in OHO's case, due to the German Little Wing of Refugee releases of the aforementioned LP's, the 90s as well. You know, questions now arise as rudimentary as, "where do I find a 10 1/2" take-up reel?" "Where do I find "leader" tape?" "What degree of deterioration have the reel-to-reel 1/4", 2-track stereo masters experienced in the 40 years they have spent in my basement?" "Is there a way to decode the Dolby A noise reduction?" & on and on. August (when we begin the process) should be an interesting month. "Making a connection to our experiences and experiencing in the past enables us to continue learning from them." (from Robt. Fripp's on-line diary, 08.21.09)

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