Our Own Way

Published by Jay Graboski · 12 hrs · 

We are down to our last 330 or so MD/CD's. Soon (like probably this weekend) we will be turning over 300 of them to Mike Prestas whose family operates a number of shops on the Boardwalk and elsewhere in Ocean City, MD; with the intention that they be on offer to vacationers there during the remainder of Spring & on into Summer (still attempting to get the "Ocean City Ditty" to catch on). There has been NO response from any media in either the Baltimore area or throughout Worcester County. This is becoming more and more the case, at least as far as we know. We have experienced the mildly disappointing truth that "prophets are not accepted in their own country." The heartening news is that the music is moving fast into the hands of the anonymous denizens of the state which the music celebrates; & who we trust are blasting the tunes out in their vehicles, from boom boxes, blue tooth speakers and traditional, amped up, high-wattage stereo systems. We will make our own way.

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