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. . . from the past . . . and . . .  

(from http://archives.explorebaltimorecounty.com/news/6018220/rotunda-art-gallery-has-wiggle-room-sing-different-tune/ of January 31, 2008)

". . . The Wiggle Room was conceived as a multipurpose space by Nancy Graboski, who bought the Beveled Edge in 1998, when it was a framing shop under the Jones Falls in Woodberry. She added a frame design and gallery space on Falls Road in Mt. Washington "to be more in the public eye," she said. A flash flood in 2004 destroyed both spaces. Graboski then moved the retail space temporarily to the Mt. Washington Village shopping district and the production space to Clipper Mill, where it remains. She moved the retail business to the Rotunda, 711 W. 40th St., in November 2006 and reopened in February 2007. The open mic night at Gallery G is the brainchild of her brother-in-law, Jay Graboski, of Catonsville, a songwriters association member who asked her early last year to let him host an open mic night there. Now, it's a magnet for music lovers and a marketing asset . . ."



. . . and . . .



Working on bringing back an OHO gem with a new guitar and a new (as opposed to the album recording)lead voice, Mr. Graboski himself. (recorded at the Compound, December 2014)




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