"One of the glories of songwriting is that you never know what's coming next. . . please keep doing what you are doing and filling the world with song.”

-Loralyn Coles, MASC Director &

  Scott Elliott, MASC Assistant Director


". . . (I) wanted to just acknowledge the insanely hard act of completing these projects, and wish you renewed inspiration and energy in 2017 in a world where music is increasingly devalued, fragmented and marginalized.  . . As someone who mostly ignores these facts and keeps practicing, performing, playing, recording and releasing CDs, I resonate with your work. "

-'Steve B.' (an OHO friend & fan)


"Never give up, never surrender."

―Commander Peter Quincy Taggart (of Galaxy Quest)


"Precisely what we intend. . . "

-Ray Jozwiak

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