So Much. . .


(from Jay Graboski at https://www.facebook.com/ohomusic/?fref=nf)

". . . So much in the works for the next OHO album: tomorrow into The Bratt studio to "fiddle about" with Ray's "3rd Hand Intelligence." In the queue are "Where Is How We Go" (lyrically based on the Guitar Craft aphorism: "Where we're going is how we get there"; "Plunge" (originally recorded by The Weaszels), David's "The One"...and new arrangements of "Your Luck Is Awake" (from "UP") and a 3/4 time version of "Lost & Found" from "Audition." These are in addition to the "Ahora!" suite, Ray's "Blood Brother" and other tunes that are in the process of revealing themselves. So many songs...so little time. . . "



Where Is How We Go

by Jay Graboski, in progress mix February 2016


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