The Plague

And who said, "You can't go home again?" That's definitely NOT OHO's experience with transferring 2" tape from the mid-1970s to DVD today. Having been a member of the Baltimore Garage-prog band, OHO, since 1974, we recorded 3 albums from 1974-1976 on 2" tape at both Flite III and Sheffield Studios in the Baltimore, MD area. Anyway, our son, Matt, also a guitarist/singer loved our recording of "The Plague" (based on the Albert Camus novel) and which OHO recorded twice in 1974, once at each of the aforementioned studios; and he was always interested in recording a version of this OHO song. These recordings were rife with the (now) vintage keyboards of that time (i.e. mellotron, clavinet, Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes electric pianos, a Hohner clavinet, RMI electronic piano, Arp Odysset synths and on and on). I was the singer, lyric writer and also added some music to part one of this 2 part epic. Part 2 was composed by our keyboardist at that time and was more or less impossible to figure out musically. The light bulb turned on. We would merely use the existing tracks.

We still had the 2" 16-track masters, which we forwarded to SonicCraft where the technicians there worked their magic and snail-mailed us DVD's of the originals tracks which, by the way, had an annoying timing problem in a transitional passage. We imported the tracks into a DAW, fixed the timing anomaly using current state-of-the-art basement technology, replaced or corrected any out of tune instrumental tracks, cleaned up any extraneous noise, triggered a BUNCH OF COOL DRUM SOUNDS while maintaining THE PERFORMANCES OF THE ORIGINAL BAND, including drums tracks performed by my deceased brother (Matt's uncle Jeff); then Matt augmented existing guitar tracks w/his own take on his acoustic guitar and he replaced my vocal tracks with his own. We remixed it and made a video, the 2nd half of which features Hi 8mm footage of the original OHO band from 1975. We put them together and you may check out the recording and the video at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJ9NUB90IDI.

Since then (2011) I have had ALL of these albums transferred at SonicCraft, insuring I'll have something creative to play with during my golden years. This is a fascinating opportunity for those who were savvy enough to save their vintage multi-track tapes. Working with this material revived many long forgotten memories, both positive and negative. It's a great way to assess how rich one's life actually is and reassure oneself that much of our early work was work of quality and stands up to the test of time. This is transcending the space/time continuum. One may now live as a time traveler, at least sonically, and live not only in the present moment, but anywhere in the pastpresenture of one's specific lifespan. There are some limitations; but mankind is well on its way to making H.G. Wells' vision a reality.
-John Graboski (www.OHOMusic.com)

Hi Jay,
Thanks for sending your success story!
How cool is that?!!!
We were very happy to facilitate your time travel!
Kevin Przybylowski
Chief Transfer Engineer
Sonicraft A2DX Lab

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