Throwback-Spring of '65

Throwback Thursday to the Spring of '65. Dad gifts me my 1st electric guitar, a top-of-the-line, cherry sunburst Harmony H77. I remember opening it upon its arrival at Brunnerdale Seminary High School and the wonderful feeling I had (at age 14) after opening that box. Our Dad was one of those "if you need one, buy ten on sale" kind of guys, so this was extravagant for a young man who experienced the depression era firsthand. He was a self-taught musician too. I remember John Joseph blowing his harmonica out back on Meridene Drive with a cold Natty Boh at his side. The Satellites (Rod Jackson, David Dornseif & myself) performing at the Mateur Hour (what happened to the "A"?) in the Spring of 1965 (we did not win this competition until Junior year,1968). We played the instrumentals: "Wipe Out!" and "Penetration." The administration forced us to change the titles to "Detergent" & "Infiltration" respectively, due to their perceived sexual misinterpretations (a "wipe out" being equivalent to a "rape kit" and well, penetration). Being a "late bloomer," I had NO idea of what they were talking about; just another opportunity for the priests to make something out of nothing. These words, of course, were merely "surfing" jargon. Still...I remember.

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