Uh Oh!!

"Where Words Do Not Reach (the instrumentals)." UPS delivery date was yesterday. Sad to report there are digital anomalies on the last track (so sorry about this Ray but the test disc sounds perfect--we still have it) and on every CD (having sampled one disc from each of the 10 boxes and having played them on 3 different devices including a computer and a boom box. Phone call/email are in. Waiting for a response from Texan manufacturing company as to recourse. We hear the weather in Texas is similar to what we have experienced over the last couple of days. On the upside, trax 1-18 sound perfect, the CD's look great and the posters are beautiful. News at eleven.

'Front cover.
'Back cover.  Band photo by David Norbut at a chance encounter, Fager's Island, OC, MD. March 2014.'


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