Up To What?

What has OHO been up to? In the studio we're working on tunes for our follow up to 2015's "Where Words Do Not Reach" release, the working title being, "Gazebo." Scheduled for a 2018 drop (depending on whether or not David decides to do something, read that as "anything," in his Blue Ball Road Studio to catch up), this looks to be another compendium of older and new tracks spanning the band's 40+ year career(?), more than a few having been rearranged and re-recorded by our current line up.

On the back burner is the "Ahora!" 40+ minute suite. Basic tracks have been recorded (beginning in 2009) and each year we try to add something new.

2016 has found Jay musing about dialogue (Sprechstimme) the band might include a la the The Moody Blues' "Days of Future Past" and Procol Harum's "In Held Twas I' from their 2nd album, "Shine On Brightly." We coaxed Mr. Ty Ford to do this for us using edited copy Jay had submitted to be considered for next year's scheduled "Guitar Craft" box set (DGM). At first he suggested an Englishman, but I told Ty this concept might be pretentious enough w/o sending it over the top with a British accent. He finally agreed and the final rendition exceeded our expectations. As the suite is currently divided into 3 sections, we may preface each "movement" with a paragraph of dialogue appropriate to that specific section. Ty also had this to key about his experience reading/recording this copy: 
I’m so glad you liked it! It was a true joy for me. I’ve never had richer copy to bring to voice. Thanks so much for thinking of me for this. 
Perhaps when you’re closer to releasing the final mixed piece, you’d allow me to post just the voice over as an example of my work with a link to whatever you decide to make available.
PS: I gave an online class to 4-5 union VO people last night. think they would consider your words a real treat. How do you feel about allowing me to forward your words so that they might also revel in them?

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