Vitamin OHO

Just finished my first ever listen of Oho's Vitamin Oho. I'm wondering what happened for the album to sit in the vaults 16 years before seeing the light of day. Great local prog release from 1991 (though recorded in 74-75). I've been sitting on this for a few weeks and now I'm wondering what took me so long to listen to it. Highly recommended to any fans of '70s prog rock. If Okinawa is anywhere near as good as this, I must seek it out now.

Something else caught my eye while going over the liner notes was this stamp saying it is No. 3 of a limited first edition of 500. 
Jay, do you know anything about this numbered stamp?

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Jay Graboski The stamp is to suggest this lp's collectibility, especially as there were only 500 made. Why 16 years? Perhaps the music protects itself from casual interest but reveals itself to those who persist. "Okinawa" is a different teapot of mackerel, being generally much less serious, & more Zappa/Beefhart-esque. You may want to seek out Little Wing's "Ecce OHO" CD (1998) featuring 44 minutes of "vitamin-era" out-takes, live recordings and never-before released 4 track "basement" tapes from the 74-75 years.

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