Walpurgisnacht? A gathering of witches. Alfred Kubin woodcut used for "Ecce OHO!" CD release (1998, Little Wing of Refugees--LW 3053 EXP) “A witch’s nature is nothing more than exaggerated femininity carried to illicitly stimulating extremes…And so it can happen that the name and nature of the divine are merged in the monstrous, with bitch and mistress becoming one, for we are dealing after all with the arch-bitch, 'Our Gracious Lady Bitch.'”—Thomas Mann (Joseph and His Brothers, page 999) Happy Halloween!

In fairy tales and in Halloween lore "the witch represents the dark side of the great earth goddess. In our country, the cult of earth goddesses has practically vanished, the positive aspects of the mother archetype integrated into the Virgin Mary, while the negative and destructive, the death side, has been repressed into the subconscious...the evil of the subconscious in a certain form. They generally intrigue, poison, kill, or eat people, or they slander them so they quarrel with each other. These are the main activities of mythological witches, and of human witches as well." -Marie Louise Von Franz "Individuation in Fairy tales." Misogyny? This is about RESPECT (Fear of the Lordess). In my own experience I endured a 5 year ordeal with a witch, after which I have heard, she retired her broom...no shit.

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