What's Cooking

Here's what we've got goin' on: In addition to our early bird Belisimo show, Ray & I are lobbying for a winter appearance at Johnny's in OC as well as approaching regional wineries for appropriate future afternoon performance opportunities. Still inching our way forward on the next OHO album, "Male Pattern Radness" (just heard from Bill Phelan who's conjuring electric12-string patterns for "Plunge"); assembling an 80 minute instrumental OHO album, "Where Words Do Not Reach" spanning 1974-2015; the tentatively titled "Now Maryland This" comp of songs about Baltimore and the State of Maryland (still waiting for everyone's contributions both sonic and financial); AND Garrett Henritz is opening up the percussive possibilities of OHO's adventurous "Ahora!" suite, 40+ of NST(New Standard Tuning) composed music in 3 parts, each anchored by a strong, traditional ROCK song, having submitted his work on Part 2 just this week. So, we're throwing all this against the wall, waiting to see what sticks. On the back burner is that lingering idea of an OHO box set, having recently received permission from Clean Cuts Records to use whatever we need from the "Rocktronics" EP. Onward!

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