Whistling Dixie . . .

. . . we are NOT


. . . Jay and Bill were hard at work tuning the saxophone track for Slough of Despond, enhancement of which was the raison d'etre for the gathering.  As a damp, cold evening fell upon the small, neat Woodlawn neighborhood, a weather forecast for icy precipitation and a slight apprehension regarding its veracity were among my thoughts upon my arrival.  David appeared shortly thereafter and the work (fun?)/fun (work?) continued. Some subtle and some not-so-subtle revisions, such as adding a whistling melody to the first verse, were administered as we plough through the slough towards completion. . .


. . . we may have arrived!  Listen. . .



Slough of Despond

(by OHO,  Jay Graboski, David Reeve & Ray Jozwiak with added whistling by Bill & David and new tweaks, pulls, pushes, drags, tunings and other edits at Bill Pratt's Bratt Studio January 23, 2015.)




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