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I am writing to introduce (if you are not familiar with us) OHO, a band that has been rocking the mid-Atlantic region (and some scattered parts of the world) for a long, long time.  Also want to inform you that we have dates available for booking and would very much like to perform for your good clientele at your outdoor events in 2015 or even indoor events this winter at _______.


Baltimore's own OHO began in the early 70s and has evolved through a number of incarnations from performance  prog rock  innovators to folk-rock, female vocalist-fronted, Fairport Convention-ish ensemble to power-due.  OHO currently performs as a trio playing new and classic OHO originals and a variety of sophisticated covers.  We are making testosterone-propelled music these days, but in the spirit of Odyssesus  strapped to the mast, we have heard the sirens seductively singing our songs and in successfully skirting their perils have survived.  Still electrically creative and emotionally charged, OHO forges onward. 


Below are hyperlinks to enable you to hear OHO, the first to a YouTube performance in Baltimore earlier this year and the second to SoundCloud for an audio sampling of songs:




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OHO's "Ocean City Ditty," the CD single is now available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/oho4

(and, if you're in town, at Trax On Wax on Frederick Rd. in Catonsville, MD) OHO is Jay Graboski, David Reeve & Ray Jozwiak.  Please Visit http://www.ohomusic.com 



My latest solo offering, Just More Music by Ray Jozwiak, featuring original, instrumental piano music will be released April 7, 2015  Just More Music by Ray Jozwiak

(To Access all Ray Jozwiak - Gonzo Piano music you can copy-and-paste this URL directly to

your browser:  http://http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/RayJozwiak)


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