Here is the sequence for the new OHO CD, "Gazebo" and half the credits; very close to 80 minutes of music spanning 1990-2018.

01. Ring In the Rightness (4:15)
02. Denial (3:24)
03. The One (4:38)
04. How Is Where We Go (4:48)
05. Third Hand Intelligence (6:15)
06. Plunge (3:54)
07. Baltimore (4:11)
08. Blood Brother (4:52)
09. Paleolithic Goddess Figurine (2:37)
10. Slough of Despond (4:31)
11. New Day (3:40)
12. Bleeding the Fifth (3:59)
13. Unique (4:58)
14. Limousine (4:01)
15. Out of Thin Air (4:23)
16. Ocean City Ditty (3:16)
17. Over, Under, Sideways, Down/It’s a Small World (5:43)
18. Taylor’s Lullaby (3:27)
-All songs composed and performed by OHO (1990-2018) with the exceptions of tracks 7 and 17 used with permission: “Baltimore” (Randy Newman, Six Pictures Music), “Over, Under, Sideways, Down” (Jeff Beck, Chris Dreja, Jim McCarty, Keith Relf & Paul Samwell-Smith, Sony/Atv Music) with “It’s a Small World” (Richard Sherman & Robert Sherman, Wonderful Music Company, Inc.) 
--Sequence continuity by Michael M. Kennedy and Jerry Semler 
-Produced by OHO and Bill Pratt at The Bratt Studio, Woodlawn, MD. Additional recording by David Reeve at Blue Balls Studio, Stewartstown, PA; P. Daly German at his Back Room Studio, Baltimore, MD; Steve Carr at Hit and Run Recording, Rockville, MD; and David Kelly at Luna Blue Studio, Severn, MD. 
-Front cover illustration by Connell P. Byrne; on-CD art by David W. Wilcox; photography by Cameron Reeve and David Norbut; back cover and left inside panel background: “Well Tempered Drummer” by Lena Samsonova; OHO logo design by Jon Considine ©2018 OHO Music 
This one’s for Connell.

Jay Graboski And here are the ladies and gentleman who made it all possible: OHO: David Reeve (drums, rhythmelodic deployment, vocals, engineering, keyboards, whistling) Ray Jozwiak (keyboards, accordion, vocals) Jay Graboski (vocals, guitars, bass, mandolin, percussion, keyboards) and Bill Pratt (engineering, vocals, keyboards, whistling) with Steve Carr (bass guitar, 14; engineering, 9, 14, 18) John Cochran (bass guitar, 6) T. Craig Considine (trombone, 8) Denise Fischer (vocals, 3) P. Daly German (lead guitar, vocals, percussion, 4) Lisa Griffee (backing vocals, 13, 15) David Hughes (bass guitar, 2, 15) Spencer Jozwiak (bass guitar, 12) Bruce Kovacs (french horn, 10, 13) Ric Levine (additional bass guitar, 6) Harry Maben (drums, 14) Gene Meros (sax, 7, 10, 16) Mark O’Connor (“Ivy Dog” groans, 12) Mary O’Connor Bruns (backing vocal, 14) Bill Phelan (electric 12 string guitar, 6, 10; pedal steel guitar, 4) Barry Lee Reichart (lead vocal, lead & rhythm guitars, 12) Wayne Rosenbaum (additional drums, 6) Kirsten Smith (backing vocals, 15) Ted Staley (percussion, 15)



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