Congratulations . . . Congratulation! Your album, or an album that you were affiliated with, Words Do Not Reach (the Instrumentals), has been nominated in this year's Just Plain Folks Music Awards! If you missed it, you can find your…



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OHO's instrumental version of "Scared Money (Don't Win)" from their all instrumental album, Where Words Do Not Reach, is a nominee for Best Instrumental Rock Song for this year's JPF Awards (Just Plain Folks). And this song, one…


Johnny's woodsheddin'...in stereo. The Godin "Montreal" is rare in that it sports TV Jones pups, giving it that Gretsch sound; & I love it.









That's Uncle John (Frono) Glagola on the bass. Looks like we get the music gene from Mom and the drinking gene from Dad...a perfect storm.



Jay Graboski 5 hrs · 

Although there's no accounting for taste, this pic of 00's star Vitamin C is my defense to all the critics of the OHO performance attire (that the drummer, BTW, refuses to don). Check out the…


What's Goin' On

Jay Graboski‎ to OHO 23 hrs · 

What's goin' on? A flurry of activity with the team doing a lot of independent work on a number of tunes both old and brand new. "S/he who is plenteously provided…


It's Good . . .

. . . to be loved . . .


"Just following up on the GREAT music you all did for us at PV last fall, and wondering if I could talk you into doing another two this year: June 2…



Hi Jay / Ray / David –
I’m not sure this email will still reach you, but I just wanted to say thanks for the care package you sent back in November. 
 The CDs are beautiful and the music is…




 "One of the glories of songwriting is that you never know what's coming next. . . please keep doing what you are doing and filling the world with song.”

-Loralyn Coles, MASC Director &

  Scott Elliott, MASC Assistant Director




Thin Air


When I woke up today I had all that I want

Everything that I did brought desired results

How could this be? All the rules have been changed

In the pool where I drowned I am swimming again.


But of…