Thin Air


When I woke up today I had all that I want

Everything that I did brought desired results

How could this be? All the rules have been changed

In the pool where I drowned I am swimming again.


But of…


How Is Where We Go

How . . .
Waited all these nights for the day to come
Nevermore will I ever suck my thumb
Imaginary pains from my misery
Merely phantoms peopling my fantasy
I believe again in everything good
Though my body feels…

More On Rocktronics

Jay Graboski 23 hrs · 

Billboard's Recommended LP's (pop): OHO--Rocktronics, Clean Cuts CC 5001. Producers: Ty Ford, Jack Heyrman (EP). Mid-Atlantic quintet offers art rock with updated synthesizer accents. Seven tracks are given laudable production polish. (Billboard, July 7, 1984)…



. . . Grey

Do you mean you were just lying there?

Out of reach of anyone who cares

They have bound you with their loving arms

In the distance I still hear you sound the alarm

Can you see…


Up To What?

What has OHO been up to? In the studio we're working on tunes for our follow up to 2015's "Where Words Do Not Reach" release, the working title being, "Gazebo." Scheduled for a 2018 drop (depending on whether or not…



Walpurgisnacht? A gathering of witches. Alfred Kubin woodcut used for "Ecce OHO!" CD release (1998, Little Wing of Refugees--LW 3053 EXP) “A witch’s nature is nothing more than exaggerated femininity carried to illicitly stimulating extremes…And so it can happen that…

Best Unsigned Band

(Originally posted April 5, 2014)

When it all began for OHO (Mach III version, 1985-2008): "IN THE SPOTLIGHT-OHO" Gentleman George Ches, Maryland Musician, 1985) "It happens that Musician Magazine is having a contest to find the best unsigned band in…